Grain before pixels: Erik Gross


Erik Gross is a 28 year old skateboarder from Dresden, Germany, who happens to be in love with photography. He picked up an SLR camera about 4 years ago and it hasn’t left his side since.
Eric shoots film because he loves the whole process of developing and the natural look.
Skateboarding is a passion and that shows in his photography, he loves capturing the lifestyle and portraits of the people around him.
He uses a variety of different cameras, some small SLRs and also medium format cameras.
He mainly shoots black and white, cause he has this dischromdtopsia (red-green problem), so he has  a hard time editing color photos.
More of his adventures on film:

Aladin_Portrait_Parkhaus_TPDG_Köln Ben_Push_Großmarkt_TPDG_Köln2 Brad_Ollie_Tempelhof_HUF_Berlin Burkee_Portrait_Freelens_Downright_Malaga Chris_BsPowerslide_Beasts_Ottendorf Chris_Push_Most_Tschechien3 Dan_HUF_Berlin2 Danny_Place_Push_Tempelhof_Berlin Danny_Place_SwOllie_Stufen_FrankfurterTor_Berlin Danny_Place_Tempelhof_Berlin2 Danny_Place_Treflip_Tempelhof_Berlin2 Danny_Portrait_Großmarkt_TPDG_Köln Dylan_HUF_Berlin Dylan_Push_Kulturforum_HUF_Berlin2 Dylan_Wallride_Tempelhof_HUF_Berlin2 Kalle_Push_TPDG_Köln Keith_HUF_Berlin2 Oci_Boden_Ubut_Beasts_Bali Oci_Melon_Denkmal_Jakarta_Beasts_Bali2 Schübel_Boden_Downright_Malaga Tom_180_Ditch_Chomutov_Tschechien4